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Changes Included in Monthly Hosting Fee

Your monthly hosting fees include small changes taking 10-20 minutes of our time to make for you.  These changes include text/content updates, adding code from another website (code must be provided, and basic website maintenance.

Monthly hosting fees do not include any new design elements, creation of new pages or help with other systems you may use or want to connect to your website.  These services are available for an additional fee - please contact us for pricing.

Additional Pages start at $50
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Website Owners FAQ

What expenses are covered by the Monthly Hosting Fees?
  • Super reliable cloud hosting so your site will always be live 
  • A fully responsive design that is optimized for all screen sizes Safe & encrypted connection thanks to an SSL Certificate 
  • 24/7 access to in-depth, easy-to-understand traffic stats 
  • Perpetual compatibility with future devices and technology 
  • Done-for-you updates: send us content changes and we'll handle them**** 
  • Ongoing search engine optimization for continuous improvement in local search 
  • Personalized, local email support whenever you need it.
****small changes included in monthly fees - extensive updates/content changes are not included but can be negotiated according to time it will take to make requested changes. Monthly fees do not include design changes.

Can I pause my Monthly Hosting Fees?

Being a small business, we empathize with unexpected situations that may prompt you to seek ways to lower your monthly expenses.  Taking your website off-line is something we do not recommend for a couple of reasons. 
  • Google rankings can suffer significantly if your website experiences extended downtime.
  • Potential customers are constantly seeking the services you offer. The absence of a live website could result in missed business opportunities.

We recognize that there are circumstances beyond your control that may require a temporary pause in website hosting. To accommodate this, we provide the option to take a website offline for up to 3 months (per 24 month period) while ensuring all content remains securely stored and can be reactivated whenever needed. The fee for pausing a website is $5 per month, guaranteeing the safety and readiness of your site for reinstatement. Please note that failure to make payments will result in the website being permanently removed.

Kindly be informed that BloomiDesign holds no responsibility for any business losses, Google statistic variations, or ranking changes in cases where the website is offline and services are temporarily halted.  Payment for all prior months of service is required to be eligible for pausing the website.


Website Manual for Website Owners

All the information you need in one spot to manage and edit your website. 

Download "Website Owner's Manual.pdf"