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Dogs are the balm that can soothe every bad day. They’re fiercely loyal, affectionate, and always happy to see you. Plus, between making you feel like you’re the single most important person in the world and their puppy dog eyes, saying “no” to your furry friend can be quite difficult.

Now, wouldn’t it be nice if you can make it just as hard for your customers to say “no” to you as well?

Just imagine: if you can be half as adorable and adoring as Fifi and Fido, you’d probably be a lot more successful as an entrepreneur than you already are.

So, let’s take a leaf out of their playbook and learn a few tricks from them on how to run your business better.

You’ve heard the adage that “A dog is a man’s best friend.” Well, then let your best friend teach you how you can be your customers’ best friend. Here are 5 lessons from dogs that you can apply to your own business:

1. Be excited about your brand and your customers

Dogs are excited about everything they do, and it’s infectious! Even the smallest things— such as seeing you come home or taking out their food bowl from the cupboard— are surefire ways to get their tails wagging. If you were to be as enthusiastic about your work and everything that you do for it, you can get your customers to be excited about what you do too.

We’re sure that there are a lot of things that you’re excited about when it comes to your business, so don’t be afraid to show that.

Rolling out a new product? Be your idea's biggest fan.

Need to make a sales pitch to a client? Show them just how passionate you are about what you have to offer.

Let your enthusiasm come through and let it be contagious. Your customers will feed off of your passion and they’ll be more inclined to become even bigger fans of what you do.

2. Lean the value of a good routine

Dogs are creatures of habit and they love doing things in a certain order. They know that the moment you come home, they'll be fed soon enough. They know that when you take a work break and start lacing up your running shoes, it's time to go out for a walk. They are dialed into routines and they thrive in them.

Coming up with your routine at work and sticking to it is a great way to keep yourself productive and on track. More than this, it also lets your customers know what they can expect from you. For example, if they know that you send out email blasts every Friday, they’ll come to look forward to whatever helpful content you give them.

3.  Appreciate sleep and rest

Dogs are very good at knowing when it's time to take a break. You'll usually see them lying down or taking naps in between periods of play and work because this is their chance to recharge. Be as committed as dogs when recharging your batteries too.

Running a business is already stressful enough as it is. So, be sure to rest up when you need to. There is a time for putting out fires and keeping up with client demands, and there’s a time to relax and unwind.

Just make sure that you know the difference between when to keep up with work and when it’s time to take a break. You won’t be productive if you don't recharge properly, so schedule your breaks accordingly.

4. Be open to learning new tricks

Dogs are always eager to learn new things. They're driven by their need to please you (and for more treats). So, if Fifi and Fido can learn how to bark on command, you can learn a new skill to drive your business forward too.

Take a class, go on a seminar, or simply take the time to improve skills that you may already have. Don't be intimidated by new tricks and new challenges. Embrace the learning curve and be excited about applying these new learnings to make good things even better.

5. Be available

Ok, we're not saying that you should be as clingy as a dog when it comes to dealing with your customers. But it's also important for them to know that they can rely on you when they need a question answered, for example.

Be reliable by being available for customer chats, emails, or phone calls. Set up your work hours so that you have time to do this, and let them know when they can expect a reply.

Alternatively, if the nature of your work doesn’t allow you to answer direct questions at all times, you can also set up a website that lists your services and answers commonly asked questions.

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